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The Legacy Keeper

COINZ® Legacy Keeper TRIO Bundle

COINZ Legacy Keeper

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What is the COINZ® Legacy Keeper?

The COINZ® Legacy Keeper is a journal that will make your and your family members’ life easy especially in an emergency.

No one knows when an emergency presents itself. The only thing we can do to deal with it before it happens is to be prepared and ready to take on any situation. In a family, it often means keeping vital information about the finances and other important matters in one place so it is accessible to all the members.

How Does the COINZ® Legacy Keeper Help?

All the information you record in COINZ® Legacy Keeper will help you deal with an emergency much more easily. When the information about the income, investments, loans and mortgages is in one place it is easier for the family to provide for and make arrangements to deal with tough situations.

Do not force your family to scramble for resources and waste precious time looking for documents and information that should be easily available to them.

All  Important Information Safe in One Place

The COINZ® Legacy Keeper has the following sections where you can store all the necessary details that you’d like your family to know:

*Look Here First

*The Needed Information

*What I Pay

*My Income

*Bank Account Information

*Insurance Policy

*Retirement Accounts


*What I Wish I Had Said


The COINZ® Legacy Keeper lets you be prepared for all the situations that life throws at you. Buy yours now to keep your legacy alive and facilitate your family with security, stability, and structure.

Bundle Includes

  • COINZ® Legacy Keeper Planner
  • 3 Way Pen
  • Steward your COINZ® Tee

*Please note that there are no returns for signed journals. Only blank, shrink wrapped journals may be returned.*

Note: The COINZ® Legacy planner is not a legal document and does not replace a valid will.