"Every household and every family should have this journal on hand. This amazing, user-friendly tool helps you to think outside of the box and gather the information that you would not normally think about for your loved one(s). Check it out for yourself!"

Sunshine Marshall-Sawyer

COINZ® Legacy Keeper

The COINZ® Legacy Keeper allows you to write down the important information in a easy fashion. With divider tabs, updated information and new design, The COINZ® Legacy Keeper walks you through the necessary items in a step by step fashion to ensure that you have the all the necessary information easily and quickly.

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"I love how easy and streamlined the COINZ Legacy Keeper is. For a topic that can be quite difficult to discuss at times, this journal helps ease some of the stress. Get this journal!! COINZ Legacy Keeper will help you organize, prepare, and give your family peace of mind!"

Chontay McKay

Brandee Harrington

Author Brandee Harrington

Brandee J. Harrington is an author, wife, mother, and real estate broker who wrote COINZ Legacy Keeper with one person in mind, her mom. She wanted to have the necessary information for her mother’s financial affairs written in one place.

Her story inspired her to bring into light the conversation she simply wasn’t ready for. She discovered that her personal journey lead her to realize that her story is like others---It simply isn’t discussed.

She decided to change the narrative and start a movement to “Write it down...make it plain.” It is time for a Change the Perspective---Leave a Legacy mindset. Planning for your family’s future helps them not only properly manage your resources but also lets them know where to start.

The COINZ Legacy Keeper gives your family STRUCTURE, SECURITY, and STABILITY.